Financial Partnerships

One ever present need that we have is to raise up financial partners. We are committed to seeing the ELI Project grow in its effectiveness to produce mature and equipped church leaders and that commitment doesn’t come without a cost.

We would like to help some of the struggling churches without being a financial burden to them. While each of our churches are committed to investing financially into the project so that our resources will be stewarded most effectively, we also know the joy and blessing of getting others involved.



Some of the costs for this project include:

  • A scholarship fund for Interns to work full-time with the churches
  • Administration costs
  • Resources, curriculums, books and other training materials
  • Conferences for Church Leadership and Intern Development
  • Missional Community Projects to pave the way for new church plants



If the possibility of partnering financially with The Emerging Leaders Internship Project is something that your church would be interested in, please contact Nate Berry for more information by using the contact form or the e-mail address: