The Omega Course


The Omega Course for Church Planting consists of five practical training manuals which each offer 26 hours of instruction; sharing a vision for saturation church planting as well as practical principles and priorities for accomplishing local church plants. This course has been used throughout Central and Eastern Europe as a tool to guide and train church planters in 27 countries.

The course focuses on: Vision for Church Planting, Theology, Discipleship, Spiritual Character, Ecclesiology, and many other topics important for the establishment of new church plants. While this course in itself contains great content and a great structure the strength of the Emerging Leaders Internship is that it will be taught by pastors who have spent years planting and growing healthy churches.

Each week we will spend a day at the location of the teaching pastor going through one of the subjects of the pastors expertise. Based on a teaching and discussion format we will work through the each of the subjects within the Omega Course for Church Planters.

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